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Mountain Climb – Stun‪t

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Welcome to Mountain Climb Stunt Game

Do you like racing cars? Do you like climbing games? Do you want to climb Mount Everest by racing cars the mountain through the rugged and challenging mountain roads..

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If you are a lover of speed, like the thrills of racing and like to conquer difficulties when climbing, you cannot miss this mountain racing game.

Your task is to control a climbing car, jumping from hill to hill on the steep, bumpy roads. Overcoming obstacles on the mountain road to climb Mount Everest fastest and become the winner.

You have complete control of the car in the race when climbing mountains and hills. Please control the car very cleverly so as not to fall off a cliff, avoid rocks so as not to be crushed. The task is becoming more and more difficult and interesting. The levels will have a fixed time.

The game has 105 levels with increasing levels of difficulty. The more you play the more you will be attracted ..


+ The game has 3 different control modes. Choose a control mode that suits you best

• Control by steering wheel

• Control by tilting the phone

• Control with the left and right buttons

+ Press the accelerator pedal to move forward.

+ Press brake pedal to stop. Hold the brake button to go backward.

+ Collect lots of coins on the track to change new cars.

+ Eating bottle nitro on the track to speed faster.

+ Eat time items to increase time.


+ Stunning 3D graphics

+ Addictive game with lots of fun

+ Real car sound effects.

+ Control car handling realistic and smooth ..

+ Attractive addictive game

+ Difficult task

+ Enhance nitro to speed up crazy acrobatics.

Be the best and the fastest racer.

Download the free game NOW !. Enjoy the game and rate us!

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