Dan’s Adventure Into The Lan‪d‬


Dan’s Adventure Into The Lan‪d‬

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Welcome to the game Dan’s World 2020. You will play the super hero with a classic mission: Rescue the princess

Please help Dan run through mysterious lands, overcome obstacles and defeat all super monsters in the lands.

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Let’s play game and overcome ugly monsters to rescue the princess and see what amazing surprise challenges await you in this exciting adventure


+ Use buttons to jump, move and shoot.

+ Jump to smash monsters.

+ Eat items to become stronger and defeat all monsters.

+ Watch lots of videos to get coins

+ Bonus spins to get more coins.

+ Collect all the coins and bonus items to get more coins to buy items through difficult levels.

You can purchase characters or items in the Shop with coins collected or watch videos

For difficulty levels, you will need help from 3 items hidden in bricks or use the coins you collect to buy.

– “”Powerup”” to increase strength

– “”Bomb “”to have the ability to bomb the enemy

– “Shield “”to wear a shield and become invincible against all enemies


+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics

+ Smooth user interface

+ Music and sound effects

+ Game is free, no purchase required.

+ Support on phone and tablet

+ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game

+ Easy controls

+ The bonus blocks are hidden under bricks

+ Destroy bricks, blocks and moving

+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more

+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds

In addition to being the best player, you can also become the richest player by collecting all the coins along the way.

Download the game and join this amazing adventure right away !!!

Enjoy the game and rate for us!

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